2018 Bucket List

2017 was a BIG year for The Brass Pineapple!! We grew in every way from our likes on FB to over 1,000 people, to the website being up and running, and the sales were up from 2016. It was such a blessing of a year! The RuBright family had a lot of changes going on and it took a toll on us as a family and financially as well. Each and every customer that bought I just want to give a huge virtual hug to because we never got behind on any bill payments BECAUSE of The Brass Pineapple sales. I am so thankful for every sale that was made! 2018 is here and going by super fast already! I can't believe January is already over! WHAAA???? Like slooooow down geez! We have so many things planned this year and I am so excited to tell you guys about it!! 1. More vendor events planned! Vendor events were so much fun last year and I hope to add way more this year!!! 2. Pineapple Parties!!!! This is my favorite bucket list addition! I am super excited to start offering Pineapple Parties! So you know how a bunch of companies like Tupperware, LuLaRoe, etc. have parties at your house and you invite a bunch of people to them and y'all get to see the products in action and what not?! Well I am wanting to start coming to peoples house's and have parties where you get to see me make your own hand stamped jewelry! FUN right?!?! 3. Higher quality items! I have already started using higher quality pieces and they are proving to hold up better than my old supplies and I am super excited about it! 4. More Likes on FB. I am hoping to hit 2000 likes on our FB page this year! ((YIKES!)) 5. Help more people with fundraisers! I have recently started making pieces for people to resell for their special fundraiser and I would LOVE to start doing more of that! There it is! My bucket list for the year! We will see how God grows us as a business! We are excited!!! Many Blessings, Meagan

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